Outrunner A Ferrari, an open road and a blonde in the passenger seat.

Simulated usage

A 2022 Advent of Fonts production based on the numerics and capitals from the 1986 arcade classic Outrun. The original is a gorgeous gradiented colour font with an based on Yu Suzuki's previous game Space Harrier.

I was surprised to see this lovely font ignored online. No arcade sprite rips, no hand-conversion on FontStruct... so I headed to MAME directly and used the F4 sprite ripper to see it directly (thanks Toshi for the tip!)

The font looked great but as always the arcade font was missing lowercase and many useful symbols so mouse-in-hand I took some artistic license and fleshed them out. I also produced both and outer and an inner version to allow overprinting in two colors - not quite a gradient but better than nothing.