One Hit Wonderland

Okay so my current munchy reads Great Expectations but those who’ve visited my Zen-like abode will have admired the un-Zen-like bedside tower of pulp that rivals the best Pisa has to offer in the way of leaning towers. For a few days Pip has been taking a back-seat to a tome of non-fiction…

One Hit Wonderland comes from the multi-talented and under-exposed British writer, musician and comedian Tony Hawks. When not appearing on TV and radio shows he takes to writing books that chronicle taking on unlikely bets in the hope of impressing a friend or, most lately, getting laid. This book, his latest, starts with such a bet made at a dinner party where Tony takes on the challenge of creating another musical hit…

Another musical hit you may wonder, after all Tony is not a house-hold name, but in 1987 had a number 4 hit with Stutter Rap, originally performed as part of his stand-up comedy and later released by fictional band Morris Minor & The Majors. The band produced a follow-up single but the novelty nature of their song (parodying Beastie Boys while paying homage to a few other 80’s hits) meant the follow-up disappeared without much of a trace and the entered the one-way tunnel of the one-hit-wonder. They did however manage to spin-off a six-episode TV show based on the characters under the name Morris Minor’s Marvelous Motors.

The book is a pleasure to read, witty yet honest as Hawks take every opportunity to achieve his mission and exploits the clause that allows him to apply his talents everywhere from Memphis to Southern Sudan and through eastern Europe to find recognition and adoration. On his way he’ll bump into “Pop Idol”‘s Simon Cowell, 60’s comic legend Norman Wisdom and top lyricist Tim Rice.

His other two books revolve around betting he couldn’t travel Round Ireland With a Fridge or beating the Moldovan football team at tennis. They’ll both be hitting my reading tower soon providing I can get clearance from ATC.

He should, under no circumstances, be confused with American video-game darling and skateboarder Tony Hawk.


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