LampLight Taking notes in your detective pad.

Simulated usage

I'm a big fan of point 'n click adventures from my first experience with Monkey Island through Rex Nebula, Larry, Deponia, the incredible Broken Sword series as well as Simon the Sorcerer and modern takes such as Machinarium and Ron Gilbert's excellent Thimbleweed Park.

I'd come across Lamplight City during its development and the screenshots for the note taking to me did not fit with the look. The artwork is gorgeous throughout but the fonts were basically low-resolution renders of modern fonts that hadn't been cleaned up. I offered to make a font for the case journal and put together a low-resolution font in a clear, handwritten style. Unfortunately it went out in the beta test as the font for the hover text because it was deemed a bit too big for the notebook, and testers didn't like it so it got yanked.

Oh well. Here it is transplanted into 8x8 with the only real sacrifices being the descenders.

Can be seen in Herman Tissies 1D Golf.