Noted Drawing with a mouse fourteen years later.

Simulated usage

So back in 2006 I created First Pass as a messy font that I would refine into a second pass but couldn't pull it off. Here I am in 2020 and I tried the experiment again from scratch this time drawing with the mouse in a single pass and then just moving a couple of pixels if needed.

The result is quite a pleasing hand-drawn font

Created in 2006 for BASIN with the goal of what drawing a font would be like if you hand-drew it and didn't perform any clean-up.

The name First Pass encompasses this concept and I did give myself a few goes at each character. The result is something chaotic and messy and my idea of doing a "Second Pass" to clean up a few pixels just never happened.

You could use this for text or titles although it's very messy and probably my least favorite font.

Can be seen in CODE-112.