Sorcery Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Simulated usage

This mid-2021 typeface attempted to draw inspiration from the ZX Spectrum game Dragontorc by Steve Turner - a game I still have a copy of to this day but haven't touched in 20+ years.

As with a lot of these source of inspiration I went entirely off memory as I didn't want to clone it. The wavering letters and the large serif-like blocks at the end of some letters particularly stood out so off I went. Once complete and looking at it for comparison I saw I was way-off. The Dragontorc font is actually only a pixel thin and most of the ltters are actually quite upright as opposed to the bold and slant look I went with.

Still, the result is quite pleasing and distinct enough from my other typefaces to let this one escape. It's quite readable in a number of situations including prose alhough a composite CRT might be pushing it.