Gattars Fork What are my orders, My Liege?

This mid 2021 design originally came out of a refinement to an as-yet-unpublished "Delta" series of fonts intended for futuristic space-ship signage. Somehow it started taking on a life of it's own picking up a few Inkscript flairs resulting in a font that's kind of hard to put your finger on.

I've thrown all sorts of screenshots at the sample generator with this one and it seems to work pretty well against all of them, both exhibiting a bit of a raw old-style with the italic and blob edges but yet just sharp enough and with an interesting curve to the letters it looks equally at home in a futuristic game.

A script version of this font was added on December 6th as part of my 2021 Advent of Fonts.

Can be seen in Beethovens Revenge and Maug.

Simulated usage