ZX Benguiat Stranger Pixels throwback to the 80s.

Simulated usage

I created this font in 2019 in BASIN as an adaptation of the ITC Benguiat typeface.

Benguiat was heavily used in the 80s on Stephen King novels, "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, and Star Trek shows. Most recently, Benguiat headlined as the red neon logo in Netflix's love letter to the 80s - Stranger Things.

Adapting this particular typeface into 8x8 was quite the challenge going through many, many iterations. At one point, I almost caved and considered dropping lower-case but persevered. Thankfully it got to the point I felt more confident and showed a screenshot to professional font designer David Jonathan Ross of Input, Fit, and Font of the Month fame, he guessed it was Benguiat first time.

Mission accomplished.

This font works great for titles, text, and prose and still looks great with a regular mono-space renderer.