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Calendar spam, the next nuisance?

Tomorrow morning at 5am where I can enjoy an advanced fee scam! I’ve had these in email format before but never in my calendar…

Screenshot of some spam in my calendar

Oddly there are no emails about this in my inbox and I sure didn’t tell it to add one to my calendar. As there is no ‘Report Spam’ link for calendar entries I had to return to calendar view, delete it from there and hope nothing else shows up.

Digital Inspiration also wrote about this and provide a link to Google’s spam reporting page.


Friends Reunited violates own privacy policy to spam users

Hello Damien

You have received this email as a customer of our sister company, Friends Reunited.

Stared back at me from my inbox yesterday purporting to be from UK television company ITV. It was curious because I always de-select the marketing option. I visited Friends Reunited site to confirm the option was indeed off which it was. More interestingly it stated it would be for their own marketing messages, not third parties which their privacy policy clarified:

We, and (where relevant) our credit card processing agents, will not supply your personal data to a third party for commercial exploitation – thus, you can rest assured that we will not sell the lists of our Members’ email addresses to a third party; and

Yet here they are doing exactly what they claim not to.

Two subsequent emails to their support team resulted in one stating they have switched my third-party emailing option off (there is no such option, they claim never to do it at all) and when I clarified this for them another stating:

All members comments and suggestions are noted and passed onto our management team for consideration.

Such blatant disregard for their own policies and European regulation should not be ignored. If you live in the UK and a UK company is spamming you then complain to the Information Commissioners Office.


QXL disregard their own privacy policy

On the 16th of June an email appeared in my inbox with the subject “Love football, gambling and DVDs?”. Strange, the Gmail spam filter normally does a sterling job of blocking these.

Dear entertainment lover, It’s not long now until the first England game, and everyone’s talking about football and making bets. Well we at are no different but we also realize that there’s plenty of time between games for other forms of entertainment. “

A quick scan showed it was for DVD rentals from a company called ScreenSelect but claimed;

You have been sent this email as you have previously registered at If you do not wish to receive emails anymore please click here. To view our Privacy Policy click here.”

That’s strange, I clearly remembered unchecking these boxes so I shouldn’t get them. I logged back and in lo and behold both check-boxes to accept own mailings and third-parties were unchecked…

I fired off an email to about this discrepancy and got the following response;

Thank you for your email and we welcome your enquiry.

We have now removed you from all QXL mailing lists as requested.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards


Which of course totally fails to address my question as to why they are ignoring their own privacy and mailing policies. I rephrased and resent my previous email – after all I shouldn’t hesitate to contact them.

That was on June 17th and I’ve yet to receive a response.